SSR Transmission Oil Cooler #1

The system is based on a B&M 70265 stacked plate cooler. This is a 7,500 BTU cooler that will extract an enourmous amount of heat out of the transmission fluid. This cooler is about 3" x 11" and is sized to fit below the supercharger intercooler in the front of the SSR. The cooler goes in tandem (series) with the existing cooler in the radiator. All of the hardware is top quality, including the braided stainless hose and the AN style fittings. The hose is braided nylon over braided stainless with a rubber liner and is similar to the "normal" stainless braided hose, without the stainless outer psrts that are so abrasive to everything around it... really nice stuff. This is a "plug-and-play" add-on kit that requires no drilling, cutting or splicing. The system comes pre-assembled with all hardware connected and pressure tested. Clamps are pre-positioned and the lines are tie-wrapped together in the right places. Thorough instructions are included and the installation takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. This is not a difficult installation, just a little time consuming. All components are made in the USA or Canada.

Please note that the SE-TC-1 is the recommended cooler for supercharged applications, except when a high stall converter is in use.   If your truck has a supercharger and a high stall converter , we will need to talk.  Please call me on my cell at 480-225-2123 before ordering.

SSR Transmission Oil Cooler #1
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