SSR Cloisonne Type Collector Pins

© 2011

These SSR pins were originally designed and made Famous by SSR Fanatic "Tickled Pink".  They are now available again.  Sue was gracious enough to sign over the design rights to us and we are quite proud to offer these for sale.  Thanks Sue, we owe you big.

Each pin is approximately 1" wide and 5/8" high with push pin backing and picture the trucks from the "head-on" view.

The Pins are on a silver plated base and have Enameled Color Fill.

Photos do not do the pins justice and do not show their magnificent detail to the many thin lines in the front grille.

You must see to believe!

These gorgeous little pins are available in 7 solid colors plus the 7 tu tone colors.  This is the proprietary original design and are made in the USA exclusively for Simple Engineering.




SSR pins in 7 solid and 7 tu tone colors
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