Vinyl Decal "Close Hood by Hook"

This bright yellow and black vinyl decal is printed on premium 5 year vinyl. It is a warning decal to help decrease the possibility of someone breaking off your hood emblem.  It's approximately 4" tall and 9" wide with a cutout that matches the open area around the latch hook on the bottom of the hood.  Each one comes with a paper backing that covers the adhesive on the back of the vinyl.  Special thanks to Darrell Jackson for sharing his idea.

To install the decal......  Carefully cut out the backing paper from the center opening of the sticker and position it where you think it will go.  Once you have lined up the spot where you want to put it, tape the left side of the decal to the hood with some masking tape. 

Double check to see that the sticker is still straight.  Peel the paper backing about an inch back on the right side of the decal and fold it tightly over onto the back, leaving a 1" sticky edge on the right side of the decal. 

Carefully lay the decal down flat, using your masking tape as an anchor on the left edge and stick down that exposed right edge.  Take off the masking tape from the left side of the decal and carfully peel off the rest of the backing, laying it down as you go.

Vinyl Decal "Close Hood by Hook"
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