SSR Spare Tire Kit

The Simple Engineering SSR Spare Tire Kit moves the battery out from the center of the frame rails and allows installation of a standard GM spare tire winch. The battery goes into a stainless steel battery box that slides vertically into a receiver on the frame rail behind the right rear tire. Included in the kit is a 2 ton scissors jack (it really takes this heavy of a jaclk to lift the SSR) and all the tools needed to change a tire. The kit is complete and partially assembled to aid in installation. The installation instructions are filled with step-by-step instructions to guarantee success. Instructions are available on the "Downloads" page.  Please note that the Spare Tire Kit is guaranteed compatible with the "stock" exhaust system.  Aftermarket exhaust systems must have an "outboard jog" on the driver's side tailpipe to clear the spare tire when installed.  Any aftermarket exhaust that does not have the extra room for the tire will need to be modified similar to the OEM tailpipe.

SSR Spare Tire Kit
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