GM 10395211 Factory Windstop

When driving the SSR "topless" air flow comes over the wind shield and is forced into the driving compartment from behind the occupants. This creates annoying wind noise and tangles the hair of your favorite copilot.

Installing a Windstop will extend your topless driving season.

  • Air conditioning and heating has more effect when topless 
  • The air movement becomes greatly diminished
  • Dramatic reduction of the noise level
  • You can talk on your cell phone and with your copilot
  • Enjoy listening to your favorite music again

Windstops are made of a mesh fabric in an aluminum frame, the mesh itself reduces the turbulences. This aluminum frame is fitted into fixing points behind the seats.

When not in use the windstop can be stored in the trunk in the included protective storage bag. The windstop was an original GM accessorty for the SSR and does not impair rearward vision.

The Windstop is easy to install and does not require any modifications to your car. It is easy to remove as well, but removal is not necessary to close and raise the top. Comes with a convenient storage bag, hardware and instructions.

Oris is the original manufacturer of this part and still builds them under GM license. 

If you are installing this windstop on a 2003 or 2004 SSR, You will need to slightly modify your original seat bumpers with a back side profile like the (no longer available) 10395220 seat bumpers that were standard on the 2005-06 model years.  This is a simple mod with a Dremel tool.  The sketch and photos for how to accomplish tis can be obtained with a simple email to



GM 10395211 Factory Windstop
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