Air Dam

This is an enhanced Air Dam for the SSR that attaches to the same mount points as the OEM unit. It has forward swept wings on each side that meet the rear edge of the fascia. There is also a 3/8" forward bent lip that helps scoop a little more air. This is a critical part of keeping the SSR cool, as the computer turns the main fan off at 35mph and all highway cooling depends on "natural" airflow through the radiator. There are three primary differences from the original SSR air dam: 1) The new air dam has forward swept wings on each side to help channel air into the radiator and provide a visual tie-in to the fascia of the SSR. 2) There is a forward turned lower lip (about 3/8 inch) running across the bottom of the new air dam to aid in capturing the air and forcing it into the radiator. The part is contoured from the end points that touch the back of the fascia to the lowest point in the center of the air dam. This contour causes the air dam to better blend with the contours of the truck. 3) The new air dam actually seems to disappear into the curved shadows under the front of the SSR, while providing about 20% increase in the surface area of the part. The SSR Air Dam is designed as a replacement for the OEM part. It mounts to the same 5 mounting holes in the lower radiator support as the OEM part and has approximately the same ground clearance as the OEM part. It comes pre-drilled and includes OEM fasteners.

Air Dam
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