GM 15775860 Guide Kit

This is a pair of machined Delrin bushings that were originally offered in the 15775860 repair kit.  That kit was used to complete Service Bulletin 05-08-67-005A when the retractable roof compartment lid did not move smoothly.  The 15775860 kit has been discontinued by GM, but we are continuing to make the delrin bushings to OEM spec.

Here is the text from that TSB:

Document ID# 1714521
Chevrolet SSR
Subject: ASI Resolution - Tonneau Cover (Roof) Does Not Open Evenly or Will Not Open (Install Bushing) #05-08-67-005A - (10/18/2005)

Models: 2003-2005 Chevrolet SSR - Built Prior to VIN Breakpoint 4B108184
This bulletin is being revised to add the Delrin Roller Part Number. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 05-08-67-005 (Section 08 -- Body and Accessories).


Some customers may comment that the roof/tonneau cover does not open evenly or the roof/tonneau cover won't open.


The hinge may be sticking on a rubber bushing attached to the hinge. Refer to the illustration.


Remove the rubber bushing on the hinge and install a new delrin bushing to the hinge.
Parts Information

Part Number       Description
15775860           Guide Kit RF Retractable Hinge

 Please note that each kit contains two Delrin bushings.  You only need to order one 15775860 per vehicle.


GM 15775860 Guide Kit
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