SSR Console Cup Holder

General Motors originally provided at least one cup holder with every SSR delivered.  Through the years, these have been broken or lost (or discarded by an un-knowing dealer on trade-in).  Original replacements no longer available from GM.

We have sourced the same brand of replacement cupholders (minus the unique SSR mounting tab on the back) and then reverse engineered the (male) holder mounting tab.  The new holder mounting tab is machined locally in Phoenix from ABS plastic and is INCLUDED in the price of the cupholder.  The holder mounting tab may be glued to the back of the cupholder in either a horizontal or vertical direction, depending on the needs of your installation.

If your console has had the mounting ears snapped off, you can order the console mounting recepticle (female) to the side of the console.  This recepticle is available as an option when purchasing your mount.

Shipping is 1 cent to anywhere in the continental USA.


SSR Console Cup Holder
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