SSR Front Fascia Stabilizer Kit

The Front Fascia Stabilizer kit is an elegant little mounting system that attaches to the frame of the truck and the back edge of the fascia behind the fog lights.  The primary design intent is to stop the fog lights from bouncing while you drive.  The fascia attachment is enhanced by a small steel reinforcing plate with threaded inserts that is used to "pinch" the fascia and distribute any loads over the area.  The fascia attachment is pre-bent in the same shape as the fascia to match the curved mounting area.  The "L" brackets that mount to the frame of the truck are pre-bent (left and right are different) so that the system bolts up directly.  All of the fabricated parts are powder coated in gloss black and key hardware is stainless steel. 

An order of "1" will deliver a set (one left and one right) of braces to stabilize both sides of your front fascia.


SSR Front Fascia Stabilizer Kit
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