SSR Fender Gripper

All Fender Gripper® Products offer the ultimate in protection and they have an unbelievable grip. They are made of heavy-duty dense foam that is super cushioned and completely washable. The soft yet grippy surface holds your tools in place and won't slip off your car.

The SSR Fender Grippers are made exclusively for Simple Engineering.

  • Strong PVC product reinforced with nylon mesh
  • Impervious to motor oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, etc.
  • Many favorite brand logos are available
  • Will not harm your paint
  • Officially Licensed GM logo
  • Non-slip material will not slide off slick surfaces
  • Soft and cushioned for protection
  • Tools will not slip off fender cover
  • Completely washable
  • 46" X 34" Jumbo size

These are so grippy that tools will not even slide off of a VERY steep surface.  The wrenches in the photos are from my tool box..... not faked in any way.

These can be used on a temporary basis in the cargo compartment to keep our groceries from sliding.

Use caution on the front fenders.  They will leave a "footprint" on the beam hotspot of your headlights when it is illuminated.  Hot, dense, black foam will leave marks on clear plastic.


SSR Fender Gripper
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