SSR Front License Plate Mount

This Front License Plate Mount is a "no drill" mounting system that attaches to the frame of the truck and picks up the two holes at the bottom center of the fascia.  The fascia mount is enhanced by a small steel reinforcing plate used to "pinch" the fascia and distribute any loads over a large area. The mounting system that attches to the frame is steel and cannot be seen from the front ot the side of the truck.  The plate mount that comes forward from under the fascia to display the plate is aluminum.  All of the attaching hardware is stainless steel and there are threaded inserts throughout the unit.  The steel frame mounting parts are powder coated in gloss black and the aluminum plate mount can be powder coated in either silver or gloss black. 

The initial prototypes returned fitment issues that were due to the highly variable fascia-to-frame relationships of the SSR through the 4 years of production.  Because of that, this kit was redesigned with adjustments to accommodate any variability that can be found with an OEM fascia.

The plate mount is easily detached from the mounting system with only three button-head stainless screws, enabling you to remove the front plate at car shows or other times that the front plate is not needed.  This takes about 1 minute to remove or install the front plate, since the mounting hardware remains attached to the truck.  The allen wrench necessary to do all this is included with the kit.

SSR Front License Plate Mount
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