SSR Air Shock Kit

This adaptation of off-the-shelf air shocks was created to solve my issue of carrying loads with lowering springs on my SSR.  In the process of solving my issue, I am happy to share this with any SSR owner that carries loads or tows a trailer with either stock springs or lowering springs.  The shock absorbers have exactly the same overall length and stroke as the OEM rear shocks and do not require modification of the truck in any way.  The system requires that pressures be kept between 20 and 150psi.  Details of the limitations can be found in the Monroe instructions contained in the kit.The load carrying capacity of the shocks vary according to the location of the load, but it can be assumed that "normal" loads within the GVW and towing limits of the SSR can be compensated back to "standard" ride height.  The Schrader valve filler locates inside the gas cap door area and protrudes up through an existing hole in the rubber boot, making it a discrete, but functional installation. 

The kit contains:

  • A pair of air shocks
  • A set of machined adapters
  • All connecting lines and air fittings
  • Schrader valve mounting bracket
  • SSR logo valve stem cap
  • Monroe installation instructions for the shocks
  • Simple Engineering installation instructions for the SSR

This is a complete kit that does NOT require drilling, cutting or any modification of the SSR.  If you are not satisfied with this product or its performance, you may return it (even if it has been installed) to me within 90 days for a full refund.

SSR Air Shock Kit
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