SSR Heater Hose Set

This is a brand new pair of molded heater hoses that directly replaces the 15299670 and 15128104 OEM units that GM discontinued in 2015.  When last seen available, the combination of 15299670 and 15128104 were selling for more than $275..... ridiculous.

After lots of prototype work with my own SSR as the test installation and two separate iterations of molded hoses from Gates engineering, the new design is now in production.  The new design turns the hoses across the firewall and down across the A/C lines.  The lines run forward past the front strut tower and are secured away from any sharp edges on the frame with a padded stainless clamp.  The "T" is now located directly below the surge tank, instead of way forward and doubling back.  This results in a much cleaner installation that is tucked neatly out of sight, since the hoses no longer come forward and then across the ignition coils.

All of the prototype work is complete and the "First Article" from the production molds is now in service on my SSR.  The fit is amazing.  The best way for me to show these hoses is on a mock-up on the workbench.  See attached photos.  Once installed, it is really hard to photograph the hoses themselves.

SSR Heater Hose Set
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