GM / AC Delco Heavy Duty SSR Radiator

This is a genuine GM radiator that holds about one additional quart of coolant and has approximately 40% more cooling capacity than the OEM unit due to the core thickness. Testing has shown that this radiator does not degrade the airflow of any cooling fan when compared to the OEM radiator. Real life testing (back-to-back with an OEM radiator) on an SSR in Phoenix on 115 and 116 degree days has demonstrated the increase in system capacity. This radiator has the exact same tanks and fittings as the OEM radiator, eliminating any concern about electrolysis or fitment issues. Special upper and lower support air blocks are installed on the radiator core by Simple Engineering to maximize core airflow. Recommended coolant is a 50/50 mix of Dexron and distilled water. Note that chemical additives will void the warranty. The Simple Engineering MFK-2 is 100% compatible with this radiator. Installing the Simple Engineering Direct Replacement Fan (MFK-1) will require trimming of the seal on the fan to be compatible with this radiator. This radiator has a two year unconditional warranty covered by AC Delco and Simple Engineering. Simple Engineering is the contact point for all warranty issues. 

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