GM 12600171 Thermostat

The SSR uses the same thermostat as all the other GM applications of similar engines.  This is a 187degree F thermostat that goes in the inlet to the water pump on all applications, including Tahoe, Silverado and Corvette.  The thermostat has changed part numbers several times through the years, as GM made incremental improvements in the device.  The final design was solidified in 2008 with the update of all applications to the 12600171.  This is the latest and best thermostat that GM builds for the SSR.  A new seal (12570307) is recommended with the replacement of this thermostat.  GM retail for this part is $27.02.

With this 187 degree thermostat on the INLET to the water pump, you can expect the (approximate) 10-12 degree F rise across the engine to yeild a reading of about 197-200 degrees on the gauge.  On 2006 SSRs, the gauge will read 207-210 degrees, due to a minor software change in the computer.  The engine is still actually running at 197-200.

GM 12600171 Thermostat
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