SSR Auxilliary Fan Kit

Aux Fan Features Overview


The Aux Fan is a pusher configuration that mounts directly in front of the A/C condenser to the upper cross member and the lower radiator support.  It does not conflict with the flow of the OEM cooling fan in any way.


The Aux Fan is activated in two ways:

1)       Any time the SSR computer system commands the OEM fan to run.

2)       Any time that the Aux Fan Controller reaches the coolant set point.


In addition to operating in conjunction with the OEM fan, the Aux Fan has its own adjustable temperature switch.  This feature provides several positive results:

  • The ability to provide a cooling system set point just slightly lower than the computer controlled point, prolonging OEM fan life and providing a more stable coolant temperature.
  • The ability to run the Aux Fan after the ignition switch is turned off to extract residual heat from the engine compartment. 
  • The safety of a back-up cooling system fan in case anything in the OEM cooling system fails.


The Aux Fan will improve A/C operation in hot climates and in stop-and-go traffic.

The system installs in the SSR without drilling any holes or splicing any wires.

Typical installation time is about 1.5 hours.


This system is definitely Made in the USA.

Download installation instructions here: Aux Fan Install Instructions

SSR Auxilliary Fan Kit
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