SSR Hood Emblem Support

This press-molded fiberglass part provides structural support for the "Chevrolet" hood emblem and is a close-out for below and behind that emblem. It attaches using the same three nuts that hold the hood emblem in place. 

I'm certain that you will pull the three nuts off the back of your hood emblem to test fit the raw part.  This is when you will realize that you have a well-designed, well executed, finished part in your hands that only needs light hand sanding (600 grit) before you are ready to paint and permanently install.

You will love the way this part completes the back side of the hood emblem area.  You will also notice the improvement in "feel" when you reach under to open the hood.

As with all my products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If (for any reason) you are unhappy with the part, simply return it to me with a note requesting a refund for the price of the part and I will mail you a check...... no questions asked.

PLEASE NOTE:  The fabricator of this part has a throughput of only about 12 per week.  There will, most assuredly, be delays in shipping until the constant supply can satisfy the bow wake of initial demand.  I will be shipping chronologically.... and shipping is $6.00 to anywhere in the continental USA.


SSR Hood Emblem Support
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